A Different View

5 mart.

Ken Bennison's Photography


So here is the same location that I posted last week. Only the composition is horizontal instead of vertical. The sculptured piece of shoreline is more prominent in the composition. The lighting is beautiful from the overhead cloudy skies. Very even lighting. I just added a small portion of the right shoreline for depth.

I received a Special Merit  and Special Recognition awards at the 3rd Annual “NatureArt exhibition by Light Space and Time online gallery.

You can view the entries here


I will be attending the Quest Art 9th Annual Juried Show. I had a selection for this show.

I had a small book of photos published on Amazon that you can view here.


My book A Wilderness Experience Through Photos And Poetry is available at Blurb as a hardcover or ebook.


Well that is it for now. Until next time happy trails.

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