Champaign-Urbana Maternity Photographer || Amanda + Patrick || Lake of the Woods in Mahomet, IL

5 mart.

Kinzie Ferguson Photography | Savannah, GA LGBTQ Boudoir and Empowerment Photographer

Oh you GUYS. Amanda and Patrick are the best. And I had the pleasure of meeting their lovely baby named Aidan this weekend. He is such a snuggly guy, and incredibly alert for being only 6 weeks old! I’d say we hit it off quite well – even after he was back in his grandma’s arms, he kept his eyes on me across the room. We had a real connection. 🙂

I met Amanda through Donnie (they worked at Toys R Us together years and years ago), but I honestly feel like she’s just one of my friends now! She’s always been great, but ever since she met Patrick, Amanda has become even more lovely and radiant (if that’s even possible… She’s so gorgeous!). Patrick and Amanda are a lovely couple – they clearly bring out the best in each other, and work hard to be good partners in their…

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