A Happy Accident

7 Mar

Kirsty Mackay

007 - Version 2Just a small offering from me this week. I am busy getting my portfolio ready for the Format festival in Derby at the weekend.

This is Megan out shopping with her mum. I have been trying to get a photograph of a pink push chair for my book project. I already have a few, but none that really work. This is the one. I stopped Megan and her Mum in Cabot Circus – the shopping mall in Bristol city centre. I explained what I was after and they kindly let me do the photo. I love the delicateness of Megan’s little face, and the extra component of the pink carrier bag in the background, along with the neon sign saying ‘Men’ that contrasts nicely in blue.

I didn’t see these extra elements until I got the film back. A happy accident as my old lecturer form college would have said.

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