Earth Day, Schmearth Day: A Photo-Story of Loony’s Childhood

22 Apr


I guess we should get it out of the way now that I’m a damn hippie. I walk barefoot, rarely wear bras, and speak to trees. No seriously, I talk to them. This is why I sort of despise Earth Day. Like … really? You’re going to dedicate one whole day, 18’ish entire hours, to your mother planet? How sweet. You know, cause you sort of live here and it would be asinine to make every day Earth day. I guess I’m just partial because the spirituality that I feel does not come from books or words, it comes from the ground and the trees. Which probably stems from my childhood. Cue emotional music.

I stayed with my grandparent’s a lot as a child, which I am eternally grateful for. They lived on a huge piece of land, near the Oregon Coast, in a little town called Eddyville

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