Surviving Winter in Yerevan

23 Mai

A Girl and Her Thumb

3rd – 23rdJanuary, 2013

Yerevan is an ice-rink and we live in a fridge. The bathroom is a damp closet with a permanently wet floor – the kitchen too, since we turned off the fridge a few days ago to save electricity. The kitchen is colder than the fridge was anyway.

The Ghost left while we were in Iran – a seventeen year old boy from Iran, brought to Armenia by his parents some months earlier. I only ever met him twice during the ten days I was here six weeks ago. The Ghost huddled in his room playing computer games all day, door bolted, occasionally shuffling out to boil some pasta. He left without paying the rent.

A permanent ice patch has settled herself in the centre of the long, uneven driveway that leads down to H’s steps. To keep warm, we cozy up in front…

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